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Sinkhole Repair

big sinkhole in the field

Another fantastic service that Cape Coral Foundation Repair provides to our valued customers is sinkhole repair. Sinkholes can appear quickly and cause large areas of ground to collapse inwards. This can cause damages to roads and structures as well as leave nasty scars on the landscape. Sinkholes can also pose a safety risk, so if One occurs on your property, fence off the area surrounding the hole and give us a call. One of our expert team will soon call out to your property and assess the sinkhole. A plan will then be devised as to how to repair the damages caused by the sinkhole.


Structural Damages

If a sinkhole occurs a few feet away from a building, it may not cause any structural damage, depending on the size of the sinkhole. However, sinkholes happen where there it builds up of materials like salt or limestone. These rocks will dissolve when excess water is present, which causes the ground above to collapse into a sinkhole. If there are more limestone or salt deposits near the sinkhole, it may continue to expand unless a repair is completed. This can cause the sinkhole to grow large and damage structures nearby, like your home or driveway.


Restore Your Property Aesthetic

Sinkholes leave a noticeable scar on the landscape. Sinkholes can cause roads and structures to crack, and they can destroy gardens or lawns. When this happens, your property’s visual appeal will suffer. Your curb appeal will decline as your property will look worn or even hazardous. This will make your home harder to sell when you decide to do so, which in turn will lead to a reduction in your property value. To prevent this from happening, hire our expert help for your sinkhole repair.



Safety should always be a high priority in any home. That’s why you must have experts to carry out your sinkhole repair. Filling in a sinkhole is a dangerous project, especially without the right tools, materials, and experience needed for the task. The ground surrounding the sinkhole may be unstable and collapse under your weight. As a result, sinkholes pose significant safety risks that could lead to serious injuries to children, pets, or even adults on your property. This is why it’s crucial that you hire our team of experienced professionals to repair your sinkholes. This will ensure your safety and prevent any accidents or injuries.


Specialist Equipment

Sinkholes can cause severe damage to structures and foundations on your property. When a sinkhole appears and damages your home, specialist equipment is required to fix it. Your home may need additional supports added and the foundations may also require repair. As a result, it’s best that you hire qualified professionals for the fix. This will ensure that you receive a high quality finish and it will also save you hassle of a DIY fix and save you some money, as you would likely have to hire professional assistance to repair the mistakes you made during a challenging DIY job.

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