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Seawall Repair

seawall in the shore

Seawalls are walls that surround coastal properties, developments, or communities to protect then against the threat posed by the sea. Seawalls prevent flooding and can even protect towns and cities against storms and tsunamis. Therefore when a seawall has been damaged, it could have devastating consequences  for nearby properties. The properties could severely flood, resulting in structural damage alongside the loss of personal possessions. To protect yourself against these risks, hire our expert crew as soon as you notice damages to seawalls on your property.


What Causes Seawall Damage?

Seawalls have to stand string against the full force of the sea. As a result, the seawalls can be damaged by large waves or wear and tear over a period. Seawalls can also be damaged when the sand underneath them shifts away with ocean currents, causing the structure to lose its stability. However, the most common cause of Seawall deterioration in improper maintenance. Seawalls require care in order to withstand the torrent of the sea. Hiring professionals to maintain your seawalls will ensure that they remain strong and your property remains protected.


Prevent Flooding

When you seawalls have been damaged, it’s essential that you hire an expert team to repair then as soon as possible. Even the damage seems minor, it’s better to fix a small issue early rather than trying to deal with the aftermath of a complete failure of your seawall. If your seawall fails, water and waves can come crashing through into your property. This will result in huge amounts if water pouring into your home and devastating your possessions. Structures will also suffer and there will also be a risk of mold developing. To protect your property and to prevent a serious flood, hire our expert help as soon as you notice any damages.


What’s Involved in a Seawall Repair

Seawall repairs vary depending on the extent of the damages as well as where the damage has occurred. Nevertheless, during a seawall repair, plants and vegetation will be removed to prevent them from causing the cracks to worsen. Next the cracks and gaps will be sealed with chemicals that will cover the gaps and bind the wall together. This will prevent the wall from continuing to separate, which in turn, prevent further damages from occurring. Seawall repairs can extend the lifespan of the seawall also when completed by experienced professionals.


Save Money On a Wall Replacement

One of the biggest advantages to repairing seawalls is the cost effective nature if the service. The cost of repairing seawalls is just a fraction of what a complete wall replacement would cost. On top of this, Seawall repairs are effective and can easily last for years if not decades to come  As a result, investing in repairs is a cost effective investment that can save you money in both the short term and the long term. If you would like to learn more about our seawall repair service, get in touch with us today.

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