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Crawl Space Repair

crawl space of the house under repair

Our foundation repair experts are also available to repair damages that have occurred to the crawl space in your home. Crawl spaces are a practical aspect of your home that allows for convenient access to critical aspects of your home’s plumbing and electrical systems. However, crawl spaces are vulnerable to several issues, including wear and infestations. To prevent issues from occurring, you must repair any damages to your crawl space immediately before problems get out of hand. But to do this, you first must be able to spot the signs of damages in your crawl space.


Signs of Damaged Crawl Space

Noticing that damages have happened to your crawl space is not always an easy task. You don’t precisely crawl underneath your home every day, looking for cracks in the wooden beams. So how can you detect the signs of damages occurring to your crawl space without actually crawling through the space? One of the biggest indicators of a damaged crawl space is sloping or softening of wooden floors in your home. The smell of mold and rot are more key indicators of a damaged crawl space. Similarly, if you notice standing water in your crawl space, there’s likely a need for repair.


Prevent Damages Occurring

Hiring our team of specialists for a repair of your crawl space is a great way of preventing further damages from occurring. The biggest issue with damaged crawl spaces if the fact that water can pass through. This water then causes the wooden beams and supports to rot and decay. This greatly weakens the structural integrity of the crawl space and may lead to significant damages to your flooring. As a result, it’s important that you contact our team of experts for a repair as soon as you notice any damages. This will reduce the risk of further damages occurring to structures supported by the damaged crawl space.


Stop Mold from Forming

Mold can form in as little as 24 hours if there are damp and dark conditions like on your crawl space. Mold spreads quickly and reproduced through spores released into the air. Some mold can be incredibly toxic to humans, causing irritation to the lungs or even serious medical issues, especially to those with breathing issues such as asthma. Repairing the damages to your crawl space, stops the water from gaining access on the first place. Which in turn, prevents harmful mold from forming and posing health risks to you in your home.


Protect Your Air Quality

Since rot and mold are common problems caused by damages to your crawl space, you can expect the foul aromas accompanying rot and mold to follow. Mold and rot can destroy the air quality in your home, which will lead to stale and poor smelling air inside your property. This is unfavorable for a number of reasons. To prevent mold and rot from stinking up your home, hire our team of experts to repair the damages to your crawl space today.

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