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Commercial Foundation Repair

house slab foundation under construction

Cape Coral Foundation Repair offers our expertise in commercial properties as well as residential properties. Our team of expert foundation repair contractors has the skills, experience, and tools required to strengthen the foundations of your commercial building. The foundation is the base that your structure is built on. If the foundation is out of line or damaged, it can have devastating effects on your building’s structural integrity and even your property’s aesthetic appeal. If your commercial foundations are damaged and in need of repair, contact us today for a repair.


What Causes Commercial Foundation Damage?

Commercial foundations come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and designs; however the most common large foundation is enormous concrete slabs. However, there is an issue with using large pieces of concrete; it’s prone to cracking and breaking when pressure is applied unevenly due to concrete poor tensile strength. The concrete slab can shift and move when poorly installed or the soil underneath is not compacted sufficiently. Commercial foundations can also shift when soil conditions surrounding them change, usually due to excess water. When the foundation shifts, it puts the concrete slab under excess stress, which causes it to crack and break.


What Are The Signs of Damage to Commercial Foundations?

Commercial foundations are often massive. As a result, they are more prone to cracking, breaking, and shifting. However, the signs of foundation issues may be tricky to notice without the proper knowledge. Shifting or damaged foundations can cause walls to crack and separate; floors may also slope to one side or another. On top of this, ceilings can crack and are now out of shape. Windows and doors can also stiffen up or no longer fit their frame when foundations have moved or broken. You must pay attention to the signs of damage to commercial foundations, as damages will likely worsen if not repaired.


Save Money in The Long Run

If your damaged foundations are left untreated for an extended period, the damages will undoubtedly worsen. This can lead to the cracks that form in flooring or walls separating further, causing severe structural damage. If this happens, the repair will require heavy machinery and expensive equipment. You can protect yourself from these enormous expenses by hiring us for a repair at the first signs of commercial foundation damage. Our expert team will quickly call out to your property and provide an efficient and cost effective repair that saves you a fortune in the long term.


Protect Your Business Aesthetics

If you have customers or clients visiting a building with cracks in the floors, walls, or ceilings due to poor foundations, it will surely make a poor impression. Your business will look old and neglected, which won’t fill your customers with confidence. This can hurt your business’s profits as people will be hesitant to invest in a company that looks like it’s falling apart. To prevent this from happening to your business, hire our expert help to repair the damages to your foundations which will restore your property aesthetic appeal.

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